The costs for the iPhone 13 might have been leaked, and that is excellent news for Apple followers

Apple increased its prices compared to the US after leaving the European Union. While Apple previously adjusted the price in dollars and pounds for its iPhones, that changed with the introduction of the iPhone 11 series ($ 1,099 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max in the US, but more expensive £ 1,149 in the UK). With the introduction of the iPhone 12 series last year, prices were on par with the US, with the iPhone 12 Pro starting at £ 999 and the larger Pro Max models starting at £ 1,099. It is these prices that will be the same with the next update, sources say.

The iPhone 13 pricing update was announced on Weinbach’s PineLeaks Twitter account. In a thread about the Apple event in September, @PineLeaks said, “We don’t expect a price increase for the entire range of iPhones.

“The overall weight and thickness of the device will increase compared to last year’s models. This is expected to be particularly noticeable with the Pro Max variant.”

This will be welcome news for iPhone fans, as previous reports have suggested that higher manufacturing costs for processors and other semiconductors could result in higher prices for consumers. Weinbach also revealed other rumors about the iPhone 13, as well as the Apple Watch Series 7 and AirPods 3, which could also debut at the Apple event next week.

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