The Cartier Étourdissant Assortment and the Excessive Jewellery Thriller Clock

CARTIER International SNC or simply Cartier is a French luxury goods group that designs, manufactures, distributes and sells jewelry and watches. The company, founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris in 1847, remained under family control until 1964.

The Cartier Étourdissant Collection

The meaning of the word “Étourdissant” is difficult to express in just one word. It can be roughly translated into amazing, dazzling, breathtaking, and great all at once. At Cartier, Étourdissant is the hurricane feeling of amusement, noise and dynamism that you feel when you take the time to think about the world around us and to be inspired by it.

The Étourdissant collection is inspired by the French Riviera – famous for its rich colors and the play of light and shadow. New jewels continue this theme and along with the maison’s exceptional art and gemstones, the collection includes pieces that flute many of his iconic motifs and styles, including Art Deco and Panthers, but bring them to life in a totally modern way.

The Cartier Étourdissant collection uses light and shadow to create a dazzling effect with vibrant colors with soft and delicate hues. The same extravagant character radiates in every creation, triggered by dizzying contrasts and leads to a whirlwind of inspiration. A collection of dynamic pieces, both joyful and refined, reflect the creativity and savoir-faire of the House of Cartier.

The high jewelry watch

There is a clock among the stunning pieces in the collection. The High Jewelry Mystery Clock has a mechanical hand-wound movement, a mystery display and 18 carat yellow gold, set with 486 brilliant cut diamonds and a total of 5.37 carats. The base and column are made of agate and onyx with a faceted citrine dial. The indexes are made of agate and onyx, and the star-shaped and sword-shaped hands made of 18-carat yellow gold are set with 26 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.21 carats.

Agate was the stone of choice for this particular piece, and while any other gemstone could have been just under a second, agate carries the theme well. Agate is a type of quartz that comes in various colors and translucencies in curved bands or layers. Many types of agate differ in the variety of shapes and colors that can appear when other minerals penetrate the stone.

Ribbons in the stone can form an eye or ribbon shape, and often the images of trees, clouds and plants can be recognized on the surface of the “construction agate” or “moss agate”, which gives the stone a mysterious quality. The agate used in the Cartier watch is white in color and exudes a kind of sheen that is best associated with its subtle translucency.

The name “agate” is derived from a Greek word for the river Achates in Sicily. It was first found in this river around 300 BC. Discovered. Agates are currently mined in the USA, India, Brazil and Uruguay. Most commercial agates are cut in West Germany, although the Cartier High Jewelry Mystery Clock was made in France.

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