The Byredo fragrances which are well worth the cash rated by me

At least by this point, I smelled almost every Byredo fragrance there is. It’s easy to see why the Stockholm-based brand is so popular. In addition to the incredibly chic and minimalist packaging, the unisex fragrances are as unique as they come, but undoubtedly also portable and fascinating. Trust me – everyone will ask you what fragrance you wear when they spray on Byredo and anything you buy from the brand deserves the price, but I’m here to help you narrow it down (there is so lots of good ones to choose from).

For my own fragrance purchase mission, and for your fragrance purchase mission (I’m here to serve), I asked Byredo to send me samples of their best-selling fragrances and they kindly committed. For the past few weeks I’ve been changing my fragrance daily because variety is the spice of life and I wanted to give you my honest reviews of the 10 most popular Byredo perfumes.

There are many fragrance reviews out there, but I find them to be quite technical and speak to all of the different layered notes in one fragrance. My reviews are more about how you feel about wearing them, what occasions and what time of year they are best to wear, how versatile they are, etc. If you are intrigued, scroll down and go all the way to below for what i think is the best byredo fragrance.

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