The brand new iPad may hit the market subsequent week as Apple declares an vital date in your diary

It has been rumored for weeks, but Apple has finally confirmed plans for a big kick-off event. The Californian company sent out invitations to a showcase event on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, at which Apple announced new gadgets and a comprehensive software upgrade for existing iPhone and iPad owners. Excited? You should be

As can be expected, the invitation to the next Apple event doesn’t reveal much. We know CEO Tim Cook and Co. will take to the stage on April 20th and Apple fans around the world will be able to stream the presentation live due to ongoing travel restrictions – like all events from last year. As with all invitations from Apple, the US company has the slogan “Spring Loaded. Please visit us for a special Apple event from Apple Park.”

Of course, that’s all the official news we know so far, as Apple always keeps its announcements secret until the date of the event. And unlike some previous invites, the teaser really doesn’t reveal much about this one … unless Apple prepares to launch a new line of pogo sticks.

However, that doesn’t mean we have no idea what to expect when the curtain rises next week. There are already plenty of rumors going on about what could be revealed next Tuesday, including the launch of a new iPad Pro. This next-gen tablet is expected to get a faster processor, better battery life, and an improved camera, but it’s the screen that sounds like the most exciting upgrade.

It is assumed that the next iPad Pro, which has not been updated since March 2020, will use a mini-LED panel in place of the current Retina display. This update could offer improved brightness, contrast, and a lower chance of screen burning – something that is quite common on current OLED displays.

Another change could be the addition of a Thunderbolt port charging connector that could replace the standard USB-C socket. If so, the data transfer times should improve significantly, which is good news for professional users.

Apple’s events are rarely just about one product, and other rumors suggest the company may announce the launch of new entry-level AirPods that will get a similar design to the premium AirPods Pro.

The long-rumored gadget-tracking AirTags could also show up if these mini-gadgets stick to your technology and reveal where they’re located in case they’re lost. Expect lots of exciting news during the event and will bring you the latest gossip and reaction live from next Tuesday’s keynote.

Things start at 6 p.m. on April 20th. So check back for the latest updates.

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