The brand new Amazon Fireplace TV Stick service guarantees to be the final app you’ll ever want

You may have signed up some streaming and catch-up services on your Fire TV Stick. The list goes on between Prime Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, All4, Disney +, BritBox, Shudder and StarzPlay. There is no shortage of new shows and movies to watch. If anything, the biggest problem is searching through the endless lists of movie titles and box sets to find one that you actually want to get away with for your weekend.

This is where ScreenHits comes in. The app, which just launched on Amazon’s Fire TV platform, brings together some of your favorite streaming services into a single interface. Not only does this mean that you don’t have to constantly switch between different apps, but it also means that you don’t have to accidentally pay to rent a movie that is actually in one of the catalogs of your streaming services.

ScreenHits has been available as a desktop app since its inception in 2012 and is now available on one of the largest streaming platforms in the world – Amazon Fire TV. Versions of the app for smart TVs, such as those from LG and Vizio, are also on the go, as the service has promised.

With the relaunched ScreenHits TV app, subscribers can integrate their existing streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney +, StarzPlay, Moviesphere, Paramount Plus, Britbox, MUBI, ITV Hub and BFI Player, to name a few. Users can also watch thousands of shows and movies in one easy-to-manage app. A personalized TV program guide provides a snapshot of the latest broadcast options for all of your streaming services.

ScreenHits also offers AI-based recommendations based on your viewing habits. This is currently the standard for all streaming services. However, according to ScreenHits, the recommendations are better than Netflix or Disney + because they can learn from all of your ads. While Disney + can only recommend shows based on what you’ve seen on Disney +, ScreenHits can track your habits on Prime, StarzPlay, and ITV Hub to suggest the perfect movie for all of your interests.

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And if you want to organize a movie night with friends while the lock restrictions remain in place, ScreenHits provides access to a “Watch Together” feature that allows you to schedule appointments with friends to watch shows remotely together and simultaneously from anywhere in the world have a live video chat via the app.

Because all of your streaming needs are bundled into a single app, ScreenHits TV can offer a PIN code that prevents younger viewers from switching between their parent accounts to other streaming services they may have built into ScreenHits TV – and these View only content available for children.

ScreenHits offers exclusive discounts for those who bundle their subscriptions in the app. For example, if you subscribe to Amazon Prime and Paramount Plus on Fire TV through the ScreenHits app, you get a 25 percent discount every month.

Rose Adkins Hulse, CEO of ScreenHits TV, said, “As more consumers move from traditional TV to app TV, there is no better time to introduce a platform that allows consumers to organize and organize their streaming subscriptions more than channels arrange as you wish. ” got used to it. With the ability to now watch live TV and consume recorded content (VOD) online, it is easier for consumers to integrate all of their channels and streaming services into one curated app. “

The basic subscription gives users discounts on bundles – exclusive promotions for new services and control over their channel lineup. You have the option of removing standard channels and tailoring your subscription list to the channel placement you want. ScreenHits TV launched in beta mode over the desktop last summer and has so far attracted over 250,000 subscribers. More than 800,000 users initially registered their interest and have grown.

Rose Adkins Hulse added, “Whatever is relevant to the consumer is relevant to us. After months of in-depth research into consumer trends and the way consumers choose to manage their multiple streaming services, we are excited to announce a curated Premium – Bringing an aggregator to market that allows them to do just that.

“With so many options and streaming services new every day, we want to make sure consumers get the most out of their subscriptions, discover new services that are relevant to their interests, and find the content they want much faster.”

Consumers can use the desktop version of ScreenHits for free to integrate their existing subscriptions. For £ 0.99 per month, ScreenHits viewers can download the app versions that allow them to cast videos from their tablet to their Android TV device via Chromecast using the dedicated Roku and Fire TV Stick apps. ScreenHits has promised that Apple TV, LG, and Vizio platforms will be supported early this summer.

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