The Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones provide super battery life and higher noise cancellation

Bose has finally introduced its successor to the QuietComfort 35 II noise-canceling headphones, which were launched back in 2017. While many believed that the Bose 700 series headphones released in 2019 would replace the QuietComfort range with a focus on an entirely new futuristic design, improved noise cancellation and touch-sensitive cups … that is clearly not the case. The hugely popular QuietComfort range now has a brand new entry with some very exciting upgrades.

According to Bose, the new QuietComfort 45 (QC 45) offers drastically improved noise cancellation to avoid the rattling of train tracks, the roar of airplane engines or the screeching rollers in the office printer behind your desk. For our money, Bose already had some of the best noise cancellation out there, so it will be exciting to see how much background noise these new cans can wipe out.

If the noise suppression is a bit too isolating for you, there is a new AWARE mode. With this function, which is not available with the QuietComfort 35 II, you can temporarily cut sounds from the outside world to your ears – for example to hear a Tannoy announcement at the train station.

If you want to keep your shiny new headphones powered on when you pick up a phone call from the paired device, the new voice isolation should improve call quality, according to Bose. In addition, the QC 45s share their noise cancellation even when calling. Bose uses a beam-form array to recognize your voice and uses a “rejection array” to attenuate audible background distractions – like a coffee grinder or a barking dog – before broadcasting them down the line.

In other words, this might be your best option when answering Microsoft Teams and Zoom calls from the home office.

And finally, the QuietComfort 45s comes with a battery life of 24 hours on a single charge. That’s very impressive because it means you can listen to music, watch movies, and enjoy binge podcasts even on the longest flights on our planet. According to Bose, the QC 45s should withstand about 20 consecutive conference calls before you have to reach for the charging cable.

Another welcome improvement – Bose has ditched the micro-USB port on the QC 35IIs in favor of USB-C. While USB-C wasn’t quite as ubiquitous when its predecessor launched in 2017, it’s a relief that Bose has finally embraced this industry-wide standard. That means you can travel with a single charging cable for your MacBook Air, Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro, Bose QuietComfort 45s and Android smartphone.

It takes two and a half hours to charge from flat to 100 percent, but if you’re in a hurry, 15 minutes on the wall will give you three hours of playback.

There are a total of four buttons on the right earcup: volume up, volume down, on / off, and Bluetooth pairing, plus one for the most common tasks – answering and ending calls, playing and pausing music. There is another button on the left earcup to toggle between modes and to mute the microphone during a call. More settings can be found in the Bose Music app, and those with a Bose soundbar can pair with the TV to watch a movie late at night without waking others at home.

The Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones will be available in the UK on September 30th for £ 319.95. Pre-orders begin today at and select resellers.

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