The 80s model behind Princess Diana’s sheep sweater is launching a brand new assortment for the festive season

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Similar to the 1980s, Princess Diana’s iconic sheep sweater shaped the style of winter 2021. After a successful collaboration with the clothing brand Rowing Blazers in October 2020, Warm & Wonderful is relaunching its own shopfront online. The brand is offering its signature black sheep print in the new colors Primrose Hill Pink and Bowie Blue to expand the existing Diana Red and Original Green collection. Warm & Wonderful also offers accessories, loungewear and homeware that make for stylish festive gifts.

Founded in 1979 by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne, Warm & Wonderful first appeared at a market stall in Covent Garden when the friends were 28 years old. “We quickly became known for our sheep sweaters – wool sweaters with rows of little white sheep and a proverbial ‘black sheep’,” the founders say on their website. “As artists, we have always identified ourselves with black sheep: due to a recessive gene, black sheep with black wool are born in flocks of otherwise white sheep (in a flock of a hundred there may only be one black sheep!) The sweater also seemed at to resonate with some other black sheep of the time: David Bowie, Andy Warhol, Shelley Duvall, Penelope Keith, Anthony Andrews – and of course Lady Diana Spencer. ”

Muir revealed in an interview for The daily telegraph that Princess Diana actually had two sheep jumpers. Although Muir isn’t sure how Diana damaged the first one, she always imagined “her huge engagement ring getting caught in the strings”. Muir stated, “It was returned to us with a very charming letter from her secretary saying how much she loved it and how we could fix it. We decided that instead of cobbling together the damaged one, we would make her a perfect new one, we did. Hence the two. ”

Would you like to give a piece from the Black Sheep collection to a loved one or yourself? Read on for our top picks.

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