That you must obtain this Microsoft Outlook replace, in any other case your emails might be in danger

The changelog for the new Outlook Mobile update reads: “Outlook makes it easy to identify e-mail from senders outside your company to protect against spam and phishing threats. If configured by the administrator, e-mail and A new external label can be added to the sender’s email address by tapping the external label at the top of the email. “

The risk that unwanted messages can pose was highlighted in a zero-day vulnerability that Microsoft recently addressed.

Last week’s Patch Tuesday release fixed a terrible vulnerability that could result in hard drives being marked as damaged.

The Windows 10 error is believed to have been active since 2018. Attackers need only use a simple, one-line command to corrupt NTFS hard drives.

As previously reported, before this bug was fixed, bad actors and jokes tried to exploit this bug by distributing specially crafted files.

These files, which contained bogus Windows shortcuts, were able to execute the one-line command needed to damage hard drives.

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