Tesco is changing some gadgets with FREE iPhones and patrons cannot imagine their luck

A number of Tesco buyers have discovered their humble Royal Gala and Granny Smith apples have been swapped for shiny new iPhones and Apple AirPods. 50-year-old Nick James is a customer who was picking up his purchases at his next Tesco Extra in Twickenham when staff told him there was a “surprise” in his pocket. The giveaway turned out to be an iPhone SE starting at £ 399 and maxing out at £ 549 when purchased without a SIM card. Yikes

Speaking of the surprise of the iPhone SE slipping into that tote bag, James told the Daily Mirror, “I half expected the surprise to be an Easter egg or something – I was a bit shocked to say the least.”

The giveaway is part of a new promotion called “Super Subs” that is currently running and will expire on April 18, 2021. Customers using Tesco’s Click and Collect orders are placed online and picked up in person. A number of expensive devices are available free of charge at a local Tesco store.

Customers have to order apples to find an Apple-branded device in their pocket. However, there are a number of other frequently-categorized items being replaced with high-tech equivalents – for example, Tesco laundry tablets being replaced by the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, which includes an 11-inch touchscreen and stylus that you can use Draw and annotate documents.

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“From now until April 18, Tesco Mobile will search the country’s shopping bags for incredible substitutes for happy Tesco.com Click + Collect orders,” the supermarket said. “Tesco Mobile’s’ Super Subs’ were developed to show how amazing things can happen when the worlds of supermarket and mobile phone converge – while putting smiles on shoppers’ faces at the same time.”

If you’d like to try it out, here is a full list of items that can be added to your cart starting today. Tesco confirms that 80 gifts are up for grabs.

  • Freshly Baked Buns For A Motorola E7 – Moto Roll-a Anyone?
  • Apples for an Apple iPhone SE
  • Galaxy Milk chocolate bar for a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
  • Tesco laundry tablets for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7
  • Pampered Active Fit diapers for a Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Black
  • Gnocchi for a Nokia 3.4
  • Frozen Cod for Apple Airpods
  • Galaxy chocolate drink for a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  • Mini Cheddars for an Apple iPhone 12 Mini
  • Cotton swabs for Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Tesco has the full terms and conditions of the promotion carried out by its Tesco Mobile brand on its website. It’s worth noting that “super subs” are limited to a few stores across the country. So don’t fill a click and collect order with apples, cotton swabs, and frozen cod if your local business isn’t on the list … unless you have a severe shortage of apples, cotton swabs and frozen cod at home, of course.

The Tesco stores participating in the technical giveaway are: Glasgow Silverburn Extra, Glasgow / Twickenham Extra, Greater London / Stretford Extra, Manchester / Swansea Cadle Extra, Swansea / Portsmouth Extra, Portsmouth / Dudley Extra, Birmingham.

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