Tens of millions of Sky TV prospects will obtain one other blockbuster improve without spending a dime

It’s been a monumental week for Sky, with the TV company already unveiling some big dramatic changes, including replacing Sky One with something called Sky Showcase and a new channel called Sky Max that will feature hours of entertainment, drama and comedy. Those changes will follow later this year, with Sky promising that the new channels will become “the new home of blockbuster entertainment”.

And Sky Max and Sky Showcase aren’t the only updates coming soon. The US company Comcast, which actually belongs to Sky, has just announced that it will bring its streaming service Peacock to 20 million British customers.

Launched in the US last year, this platform has a variety of top-notch content including The Office, Rutherford Falls, Saved by the Bell, Equalizer, Young Rock, Kardashians, Suits, Downton Abbey, and more.

Although it’s a premium offering, Comcast says there are no additional fees to pay for those who want to watch through their Sky Q box, and there is good news for NOW (formerly NOW TV) users too, since Peacock will also be available on this streaming platform as well.

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Along with its current catalog, Comcast promises that Peacock will continue to enhance its shows with the best of Peacock originals as well as NBCUniversal’s iconic library of series and films.

“Comcast’s Xfinity has been an integral part of the success of our go-to-market strategy with Peacock in the US, and we see a similar opportunity to expand internationally with Sky,” said Jeff Shell, NBCUniversal’s chief executive officer.

“We are excited to bring Peacock to millions of Sky customers and to bring incredible value to their platforms with a premium catalog of the best entertainment from NBCUniversal included with their subscription.”

The agreement with Sky marks Peacock’s first international expansion since it launched in the US last summer. Last year, 54 million customers in the US signed up for Peacock

Dana Strong, Sky Group Chief Executive Officer, added, “Peacock will be a great addition to Sky customers with over 7,000 hours of content at no additional cost. This exceptional added value is yet another example of the great ways we innovate to give our customers more benefits from the synergies between Sky, NBCUniversal and Comcast Cable. “

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