Tens of millions face irritating Freeview TV errors, however there’s a solution to repair it without cost

Freeview is growing in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. This service offers a wide variety of content without paying expensive monthly subscription fees to companies like Sky or Virgin. However, despite the appeal of free television, there is a problem for Freeview as some users of the service experience annoying glitches that affect the picture and sound quality.

These problems arise from the way Freeview is received by the antennas installed in millions of households across the UK.

The frequencies used by some cellular services are close to those previously used for free to watch TV. Therefore, there is a small chance that antennas, televisions, or set-top boxes will have difficulty getting a good signal when new cell towers are activated nearby.

Cellular networks are constantly upgrading their equipment and when it does, some households begin to suffer.

According to the latest reports, Edinburgh is next on the list for a major mobile upgrade, warning users that their TV signal may have intermittent sound problems and a blocky picture while working.

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It sounds very frustrating, but if your TV is suffering from these pesky problems, there is an easy solution.

Restore TV, which is actually part of some of the UK’s largest cellular networks, has a free self-installed filter designed to help clean up picture and sound on televisions.

Restore TV says they will send the filter to anyone in charge of their own antenna.

Full instructions are included with the company and even offer additional online or telephone advice.

In most cases, installing the filter will remove all television interference. However, if it doesn’t and you are eligible, Restore TV may be able to arrange a free technician visit to your home.

Regarding the problem, a Freeview spokesperson told Express.co.uk: “Since some of the frequencies used by cellular services are close to the frequencies used for television, it is possible that cellular broadband services can interfere with television signals, especially when cellular operators make upgrades . ” in the local area.

“If viewers experience new TV glitches after doing this, Restore TV is a stand-alone program designed to fix glitches on aerial television like Freeview.

“Restore TV can send out filters that prevent the cellular signal from interfering with your television signal for absolutely free.”

And Ben Roome, CEO of Restore TV, added, “We understand the importance of television in order to inform, entertain and make good company. Restore TV exists to ensure we all continue to have free TV as mobile services improve across the UK. “

“In most cases, installing the filter solves all of the problems, but if this is not the case, we may be able to arrange a free follow-up visit from a Restore TV technician depending on authorization.”

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