Taylor Swift wore a sustainable costume for spring, and I do not know the way it will get any higher

Taylor Swift makes us dance around in our best dress; especially one that is sustainable. The singer recently sat down with People to promote the re-recordings of their 2008 album Fearlessand she chose a flower piece for the occasion. The short-sleeved “Lottie” maxi dress by Christy Dawn features a dark blue floral pattern and a fitted waist, making it the epitome of spring style.

Flowers seem to be Taylor’s new focus, especially given her lavish Grammys outfit and performance dress. Swifties know that every element of Taylor’s “eras” is meticulously detailed except for what it wears. Whether she’s just celebrating the season or getting back to the style of her teenage days, we’ll enjoy every look from this flowery moment, especially if they’re eco-friendly. Christy Dawn’s dress uses leftover fabrics and organic cotton in each design. Take a closer look at Taylor’s outfit.

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