Tan France launches label for genderless outerwear Was Him: “We wish to be an inclusive model”

Tan France, one of Strange eye‘s Fab Five and host of Still in fashion, has partnered with retail platform and brand incubator thmbl to design a genderless outerwear line for the fall / winter 2021 season. France liked the idea that a coat is often the only thing remembered about a person’s outfit and saw the need for more affordable, luxurious looking pieces in the market. His solution consists of seven different styles that retail for $ 375 to $ 475 and will be available in November (so you better sign up for the waitlist).

“It’s about where you are now and how you want to present yourself to the world.”

Of course, Tan has styled a beautiful campaign to match the drop. The inspiration behind the jackets and the details you see on all of them is personal – but it all starts with Tan’s middle name Washim. In a video for thmbl, Tan talks about being one of seven browns in his entire school growing up. He recounts moments of bullying where children separated his middle name and said it was “him” to blame in his earlier days.

“I wanted to take this memory, which was actually painful, and put a positive note on my name. What it is for everyone, regardless of your gender, regardless of your ethnic background, regardless of where you were once in the world. It is about where you stand now and how you want to present yourself to the world. That is what we offer with Was Him – a powerful moment that speaks to you all. We do not want to be an exclusive brand, we want to be an integrative brand, and that is what we offer here on, “he said.

Tan’s husband, Rob, who is from Wyoming and raised on a ranch, created the embroidery for the Western-inspired collection and helped Tan shape the line into a representation of his life in America that is intertwined with his British and Pakistani roots. You can click through to see the entire range in all of its mixed media and color block glory and see this section while we wait for the launch day and head straight to the shop.

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