TalkTalk reveals its Black Friday deal, however here is why it is not so good as you suppose it’s


If you’ve been waiting with bated breath TalkTalk reveals its savings on Black Friday, you will likely be a little disappointed. The broadband company has announced its latest round of contracts starting at £ 21 per month. However, if you can get a connection from a different ISP, you might be better off looking further afield.

TalkTalk has cut its Fiber 35 package to £ 21 per month, which is not a bad price. In return, you can expect average download speeds of 38Mbps. That doesn’t set any records. The average home broadband speed in the UK, measured earlier this year, is 70 Mbps.

That means you are getting below average speed. However, unless you are streaming a lot of 4K Ultra HD video content or have multiple smart home gadgets connected at the same time, this should be fine. You are spending a total of £ 378 over the 18 month minimum contract, which is pretty reasonable.

But be careful, there are much better offers. For example, Vodafone currently charges £ 20.49 per month for its broadband package with average download speeds between 72-73.5Mbps. That’s slightly faster than the average broadband connection at home – and 34 Mbit / s faster than TalkTalk.

For comparison, Netflix suggests a bandwidth of 25 Mbit / s to watch box sets and blockbuster films in its 4K Ultra HD picture quality. That means you can stream at the highest quality available from Netflix … and still have more bandwidth than TalkTalk’s Fiber 35 plan.

Those who don’t mind getting their broadband over a cellular signal should also check out Three Mobile on the UK network which currently offers average 100Mbps speeds for just £ 14 a month. Three also regular offers generous freebies with its broadband plans, including free TVs and Laptops.

If you can sign up with the full fiber broadband provider GigaClear, which is currently only available in a limited number of locations across the country, Get 300 Mbps download speed for £ 24 a month. You will pay a total of £ 432 over 18 months. That’s only £ 54 more than TalkTalk, but you get almost 8x faster speeds for the life of your contract. has put together the best broadband offers currently available. If you’d like to see for yourself how TalkTalk’s Black Friday deals compare to the competition, the best discounts are below …

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