Sydney Grace x Temptalia Radiant Reflection | 10 coloration mixtures

Sydney Grace x Temptalia Radiant Reflection eyeshadow palette ($ 40.00 for 0.76 oz.) Is available in a light version and a deep version. The difference is in two shades, so you don’t get both versions, but choose the one that makes the most sense to your preferences, your skin tone and the rest of what you already have.

Below are four color combinations with shades that are present in both palettes, and then there are six additional color combinations using either light or deep versions.

Each pallet is designed to work in the following combinations:

  • Sextets (half) (primary)
  • Quads (secondary)
  • Lines (secondary)
  • Duos (tertiary function)

About this series

Each look idea revolves around a “quad” of four shades with the expectation that, depending on the skin tone, one could bring in the right browbone or additional transitional shades. Think of these ideas as a stepping stone with four “core” colors that can inspire your next look. For reference, based on how I normally apply makeup, I would consider applying the colors in this order: inner lid, center of lid, outer lid / crease and crease / above crease or lid.

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