Susan Alexandra has created an Eggcellent accent assortment with pretty Brook Farms

Only Susan Alexandra could come up with a line of egg-inspired accessories and wanted us to buy every single piece. The New York-based designer, known for her colorful pearl bags, has partnered with Handsome Brook Farms, one of the country’s leading producers of ethically and sustainably produced eggs. Susan has created a mini collection of handcrafted accessories that are playful and whimsical. There are a total of three egg-inspired pieces, each cuter than the other. First a small sky blue pearl bag with a golden egg in the middle. Then a hair clip with the sunny side up and finally mini charm hoops with the sunny side up. Collection prices range from $ 55 for the hair clip to $ 230 for the pearl bag.

We also love that the line encourages the playful upcycling of everyday items. Case in point? Instead of a conventional dust cover, the purses are wrapped in a reusable Handsome Baggu bag to enable more sustainable grocery shopping. The hair clip and earrings are also wrapped in a compostable, good looking ½ dozen egg carton. Read on to see the campaign and buy the pieces in front of you.

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