Sure, Charlotte York Goldenblatt owns these fancy occasion PJs that everybody desires


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Crucial for our weekly newspaper And just like that Streaming tracks every desirable item that we can actually buy. Costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago have done meticulous work to incorporate old vintage items as well as new ones, and one such example comes in episode four, “Some of My Best Friends.” Charlotte York Goldenblatt is planning a bedside dinner party with husband Harry in Sleeper’s feathered party pajamas, introduced in 2017 as a “Wear Anywhere” vacation look that begs for slippers or heels – it’s your choice.

We were immediately reminded of the scene from Sex and the City: The Movie where Carrie takes to the streets on a whim with boudoir dressing on New Year’s Eve to eat Chinese food with Miranda. Though Charlotte’s accessories are limited to her glasses and iPad AJLT, this only speaks for how versatile a chic pajama can actually be.

Sleeper is offering their exact set for $ 290 in a total of eight colorways, ranging from sizes XS to XXXL, though we’re not surprised Charlotte opted for pink because of her well-thought-out wardrobe by the costume team. Remember that time around 2008 when Carrie paired her own PJs with heels, then scroll down for all the evidence you need to make the look truly timeless no matter how you style it.

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