Superstar make-up artists simply informed me this winter’s greatest developments

Winter means many things – another season of fabulous coats to add to your closet, sip your favorite warm beverages and curl up in front of a fireplace. If you love makeup like me, it also means a season of fun and daring makeup trends. Winter makeup offers many options, whether you want to try a bold lip for your company’s Christmas party, a blushing look for sharing with white elephants in your group of friends, or a sparkling smoky eye for New Years Eve.

This winter is all about bringing back the trends of the 90s and Y2K, according to celebrity makeup artist Renée Loiz, founder of Color May Vary. I spoke to Loiz and the celebrity make-up artist Jen Tioseco, who gave me insider knowledge about winter make-up. Read on to find out the trends and recreate them before anyone else.

“I definitely think we’ll see a lot of draped blush this winter,” says Tioseco. “The technique of applying blush to the cheeks and temples isn’t new in the editorial world, but it’s fun to welcome into mainstream beauty.”

“Rich metallic tones on the lids create a subtle but playful shimmer. I especially like a silver wash for a cool, icy effect. Pat Mcgrath mothership pallets are my first choice for this type of look, ”says Tioseco.

“Burgundy will have its usual appearance this winter,” predicts Tioseco. “There’s nothing I love more than a bold statement lip to get noticed at a Christmas party! Chanel’s blush Coco Flash in Noir Modern is powerful and has a moisturizing finish.”

“It’s still about the eyes and clean, fresh skin, especially since we still have to wear masks. We can still put a lot of focus on the eyes and have fun with different shades, textures and shapes. [Try] Glitter shadows or eyeliner and glue on pearls and crystals to accentuate the eyes, “says Loiz.

There is a lot of experimentation this winter. “The 2000s are still making a tough comeback, so expect some frosty blue shadows,” says Tioseco.

If gloss isn’t your thing, swing the other way and try bold matte lips. “The matte 90s lip but modernized with semi-gloss lipsticks with cranberry, plum, blackberry and burgundy tones,” says Loiz.

Grunge is experiencing a renaissance right now. In order to incorporate the rock star trend into your make-up routine, Tioseco recommends opting for “scary grunge eyeliner paired with barely existing skin”.

Do you remember putting Lancôme Juicy Tubes on your lips before going anywhere? You may want to stock up on shine again. Ultra-shiny lips will be everywhere this winter.

Eyebrows are still the star of the show, but this season you should opt for a more natural view of your arches. Loiz says you can expect lots of “full and fluffy brows, not overly raised brows”. Brow pencils and brow gels will be your best friends.

Loiz explains that this season we’re going to see “gentle, romantic shades of blush to keep skin looking fresh and healthy” and “creamy highlighters that are pressed against the cheekbones to add dimension”. Go for shades that add to the natural glow of your skin to look effortless.

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