Style persons are formally retiring this ankle boot development

Ankle boot season (or fall – tomayto, tomahto) is just around the corner, and before you blindly scroll through the thousands of newly arrived ankle boots, you might as well get a little expert advice. To do this, we consulted Katie Smith, Retail Analysis and Insights Director at Edited, a fashion and retail technology company that is our first point of contact for the latest market trends. This time around, we asked Smith to tell us about the ankle boot trend that people are no longer buying in 2021 and her answer was clear: Faux fur boots.

Despite being featured on the Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, and Michael Kors catwalks, faux fur models have declined 40% in sales, but newcomers are up 90%, with leopard print boots leading the way. Smith also let us know about a few styles that are trending for fall. Read on to shop the trends and find out why they’ll be everywhere this season.

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