Store the highest coloration tendencies for spring 2021

As you can probably see in the photo above, there is something for everyone when it comes to the top color trends for Spring / Summer 2021. Whether you love vibrant rainbow colors, quieter, softer hues, or you’re a forever neutral girl, this season has you covered!

We’ve already talked about the two biggest colors of the year: yellow and gray. Now we come to the colors that are trendy in spring and summer.

Not so mild yellow

The lighting (yellow) is one of the greatest colors of the year. But there is also marigold, which has a richer orange-yellow hue. Personally, I like to mix the two! They’re also great for adding a pop of color to neutral and denim outfits with accessories.

beautiful in green

There are two big greens: Green Ash, a lighter pastel shade, and Mint, a more vibrant green like the mint in a refreshing mojito.

cheerful blues

Similar to green, there is a lighter and more vivid blue: Cerulean, a soft, calm shade, and French Blue, a vivid color reminiscent of spring in Paris.

pretty in pink (and purple)

My little girl herself would be delighted, considering I only wore pink and purple for a year! Raspberry sorbet and orchid amethyst are vibrant pinks and purples that add a big pop of color. And Burnt Coral is a lighter peach pink.

shiny rust

Rust is usually thought of as more of an autumn color. But I love how it adds an earthy element to the spring and summer look. I have a rusty swimsuit that I love to wear, and I definitely have more terracotta colors in mind for my wardrobe.

forever neutral

Neutrals are a classic. However, according to Pantone, there are 5 neutrals that are great for spring and summer: Ulimate Gray (the color of the year), Inkwell (black), Buttercream (a soft creamy white), Desert Mist (a neutral shade of sand), and Willow (an earthy greenish -taupe). Chances are you already have most of these in your closet!

Check out my YouTube video for more outfit ideas for the hottest color trends in spring and summer!

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