Steven Meisel captures Prada’s Dreamy Vacation 2020 marketing campaign

Since Miuccia Prada decided to fire Steven Meisel as Prada’s campaign photographer in 2016, our forum members have been disappointed. Not even numerous advertisements from Willy Vanderperre were enough. (Although David Sims has proven better suited.) Now that Raf is Simon’s co-creative director, the Italian fashion house is doing fine. Especially since Meisel is back behind the lens for Prada’s Holiday 2020 campaign. Freja Beha Erichsen, Mao Xiaoxing, Maty Fall, Merlijne Schorren and Rudolfs Valbergs were shot from a distance for the series of film images based on an original short story written for the campaign by writer Candice Carty-Williams.


The campaign couldn’t have come at a better time. “Meisel and Prada in black and white are never a miss. I love it. Ashamed of all of Willy’s campaigns, ”explained RaisinBoy.

“I can’t believe my eyes. I’m shivering! An iconic pairing in 2020 … pure fashion and luxury! Dream-forming images!” Enthused dontbeadrag.

“Wow, am I dreaming? The photos are absolutely breathtaking! “Agreed Conbothsides.

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“That’s exactly what Willy tried to do for the house, but unfortunately didn’t have the range,” said Krystalblue006.

“It’s really classic and easy. The pictures smell dear to me, ”praised dodencebt.

GivenchyHomme showed the same enthusiasm: “This is an extraordinary campaign, and not just because of the return of Meisel. It’s an original concept that has been perfectly implemented. I love the different perspectives. “

“From now on, you’d better stay with Meisel. This campaign beats you even if you see it from afar, ”said PierreGotha.


See more of Prada’s Holiday 2020 campaign and have your say here.

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