Spotify value will increase might kick in for UK subscribers – would YOU pay extra?

Spotify might be ready to increase monthly subscription prices for all subscribers. Before the price increase, the world’s most popular music streaming service is asking UK subscribers for feedback on the proposed increase. According to the market research campaign for the price increase, the prices for the Premium Individual, Duo and Family plans could rise.

In the survey that is currently being sent out to customers, Spotify has suggested raising prices for the Premium Individual, Duo and Family plans to £ 10.99, £ 14.99 and £ 19.99, respectively. In other words, that’s an increase of £ 1, £ 2 and £ 5 in current subscription costs. The existence of the survey for existing subscribers was published by journalist Alex Hern.

While Spotify offers a free subscription tier, it has some limitations. People who are not in a paid category cannot download songs to listen to offline. You can’t skip songs in a playlist, wirelessly broadcast to Google Home and other smart speakers. The largest concession of any free Spotify account includes advertising in between tracks.

Currently, Spotify users have to pay £ 9.99 per month for the individual premium plan and £ 12.99 for a Duo membership (designed for couples, two premium subscriptions are bundled – as long as both users live under the same roof). and finally £ 14.99 a month for the family plan (up to six premium accounts are included, all with access to ad-free music.

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The proposed price increase comes after Spotify’s Chief Legal Officer Horacio Gutierrez told MPs on a parliamentary selection committee for “Digital, Culture, Media and Sport” that an increase in monthly subscription costs above the current £ 9.99 per month ” drive users into piracy “. With the survey now being sent out to a few customers, Spotify appears to want to check its customers’ pulse to see if Gutierrez is right.

In its recent call for a profit with investors, Spotify confirmed that price increases would be part of its strategy to keep the company growing in the future.

CEO Daniel Ek said: “We have experimented with [price rises] for some time. We started two years ago so we weren’t in a rush. We did it in Norway two years ago, since then in Argentina, Australia and many, many other markets. But this may be the time when you see that it actually becomes part of the strategy. “

In addition to price increases for the existing subscription options, Spotify is expected to announce the monthly cost of its brand new Spotify HiFi plan, which includes CD quality streams. This is the first time Spotify has challenged lossless streaming competitors like Amazon Prime Music HD and TiDAL.

If the Swedish company decides to continue these new proposed price increases, you can expect Spotify HiFi to get even more expensive.

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