Spotify customers are dealing with an enormous worth hike and music streaming followers are livid

Some Spotify users have just received the message that their subscriptions are increasing. The hugely popular streaming service has started sending emails to those affected explaining how much more they will soon have to pay to keep listening to new music and their favorite playlists.

The hike, which goes into effect later this month, will see those with a family plan now paying £ 16.99 a month – that’s a whopping £ 2 increase. Those in full-time education will also be affected by the price of the company’s Premium Student plan increasing from £ 4.99 to £ 5.99.

Spotify says the increase is necessary as the music company says costs are increasing “so we can continue to bring you new content and features that you can enjoy as a family and as individuals”.

Despite trying to explain their reasons for the surge, many Spotify fans aren’t happy with the fact that some are complaining about the hike on social media.

“How dare Spotify raise the price on the family plan,” said one angry customer.

Another added, “Spotify is rude for increasing their family subscription price.”

This could be a risky strategy for Spotify, especially as Apple Music continues to offer its family service for £ 14.99. Apple also allows six people to use this service at the same time instead of Spotify’s 5.

In addition to Apple, Amazon Music Unlimited offers the same service for 14.99 euros, which makes the competition even greater.

That price difference could give people a good reason to switch, especially since all streaming services offer similar features and music catalogs.

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