Sony PS5 pre-ordered? You’ll probably need to improve your 4K TV too

With this machine that offers enhanced graphics, your aging TV may not be able to keep up and investing in a PS5 may seem a little pointless.

The XH90 4K HDR Full Array LED and ZH8 8K HDR Full Array LED are among the first “Ready for PlayStation 5” televisions from Sony. The XH90 displays gameplay images with a resolution of up to 4K at 120 fps and a very low input delay of 7.2 ms.

Meanwhile, the ZH8 can display detailed images at 8K resolution while also displaying gameplay images at 4K resolution at super smooth 120 fps. This basically means that these two Sony glasses boxes offer an extremely fluid gaming experience.

According to Sony, the “Ready for PlayStation 5” TV models also have BRAVIA Game Mode, which allows users to automatically play games on the PS5 console with low latency.

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