Sonos is engaged on a brand new speaker and we already know a few of its greatest options

It’s no secret that Sonos is working hard on new models for its hugely popular Wi-FI speakers. After all, the company is always looking to improve its speakers and add new options. Last year, the networked speaker company launched its first Dolby Atmos sounder, the Sonos Arc. Sonos plans to watch the Arc with one of its smallest speakers, according to a new filing with the Federal Communications Commission, also known as the FCC.

The FCC filing – a major regulatory move before Sonos can start selling new products on store shelves in the U.S. – apparently shows that the next product will be a twist on its wearable Sonos Move, which launched in September 2019. The FCC documentation was The Verge tech blog showing a smaller version of the Sonos Move with a cylindrical design and wireless charging station.

Like the Sonos Move, the new speaker appears to function as a connected speaker when charged via the wireless dock. This means that you can play music, podcasts and radio via the Sonos app on your smartphone or tablet and synchronize the playback via the Sonos Move and all other Sonos devices in your home such as Sonos One or Sonos Beam. Like other speakers in the range, Sonos Move is compatible with Apple’s AirPlay 2.

As soon as you take the Sonos Move out of the house, it becomes a portable Bluetooth speaker.

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That means you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to stream music. Instead, anyone can pair with the speaker and play music from their favorite streaming service like Spotify or TiDAL, a radio player, or songs stored on your device.

The FCC filing confirms that the yet-to-be-announced new Sonos speaker uses less power than the Sonos Move – suggesting it will be smaller. It is possible that this mini Sonos move is closer to UE Boom 2, Beats Pill + or JBL Flip than the original move. That should make it more suitable for being tossed into a backpack quickly, which is difficult to do with the 3kg pull. And with the smaller size and battery, we can only assume that the next Sonos speaker will have a smaller price tag.

Sonos Move is not exactly cheap at 399 euros. Of course, it’s both a plugged-in audio system in the house and a durable waterproof bluetooth speaker when you take it outside. So you could argue that they are two products in a single package – but for £ 399 you could outfit two rooms in your home with the excellent Sonos One SL and still have £ 41 in your back pocket.

We’d love to see a smaller Bluetooth-enabled Sonos speaker that has enough power for a picnic in the park (using the existing Sonos Move might be a little over the top) but with a price tag closer to that of UE Boom 2 or Beats comes pill +.

The final details we can glean from the FFC filing is that this upcoming Sonos spokesperson will be the company’s first to include Wi-Fi 5.

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