Soften Cosmetics Afterglow SexFoil Liquid Highlighter Evaluate & Swatches

When using the face, the pump delivered far too much product, so it was necessary to pump the smallest amount I could first onto the back of my hand, then gently wave a brush in it, and then apply it to my face. This allowed the product to air dry a bit, which allowed me to pound it open and smooth the edges without having to spread it over too large an area. For the body application, the pump mechanism was fine, as one (or more) pumps could be used for a full-surface glow without any problems.

It had a very fluid, more gel-like consistency that could easily be spread over a larger surface and then dried to a more powdery finish. However, I didn’t find it transfer resistant enough to avoid getting it on clothing. It wore on well for eight and a half hours before it faded a little.

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  • Estee Lauder Mirage (LE, $ 47.00) is shimmery, darker (85% similar).
  • Becca Rose Gold (P, $ 19.00) is more shimmery, lighter, and warmer (85% similar).
  • Dose of Colors Bathe (LE, $ 28.00) is shimmery, darker, cooler (85% similar).

Formula overview

$ 39.00 / 1.01 oz. – $ 38.61 per ounce

The formula is said to be “an emulsion of liquid pearl pigments that brighten, hydrate and give radiant dimensions”. The formula is intended as a stand-alone highlighter for face and body, but can also be mixed with foundation. They recommend using a shade deeper than your natural skin tone for a fluid tan effect. It should have a “light” coverage and give a “natural shine” when worn alone.

It’s a very liquid formula, almost watery, but I had more of a gel-like feeling when I played with it and spread it all over my arm. I’ve found that while it’s more liquid, it dries faster than I expected and works well on bare skin, over foundation, or mixed with foundation.

Some shades had a more noticeable sparkle and unlike many liquid highlighters on the market, these had more depth in the color spectrum, so some shades work better for multitasking (e.g. alone, mixed in, etc.) than others depending on the skin tone. In general, the hues produced a smoother, pearlescent sheen that wasn’t as intense as the product name suggests, but could certainly be built up and made foil-like.

They were easy to shear and were much less intense / opaque compared to the brand’s swatches (which was especially frustrating as they took a full pump of the product and didn’t even let it dry!). The applicator took some getting used to, but almost always pumped out too much product for use on the face.

It had semi-transparent, buildable coverage, although it certainly depends on how much product was applied. For greater coverage on the face, it is best applied to the back of the hand and then swirled a few times on a synthetic brush and then applied. This gave the formula some time to “dry” while it was being picked up by the brush, resulting in increased coverage on my face that didn’t spread as much.

They carried well on my cheeks for eight to nine hours. It was supposed to be transfer resistant, whatever it was – it didn’t move or wander instantly, and most of it stayed, but a light tap of my fingertip against the product revealed a bead on my fingertip (it wasn’t rubbed!). There was no smell.

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WATER (AQUA), DIMETHICONE, Mica, ISONONYL-ISONONANOATE, PENTYLEN-GLYCOL, VP / VA-COPOLYMER, C12-15 ALKYLBENZOATE, CALCIUM-ALUMINUM-BOROSILICATE, MYRISTYL-ISONONANOATE, GLYCYL-ALUMINUM-GLYCERYL-30 CURRENT glycerin, potassium cetyl phosphate, sodium acrylate / sodium cOPOLYMER, sodium dehydroacetate, carbomer, isohexadecane, sodium hydroxide, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl TIN sODIUM TIN Diater-tin, polital-tin, POLO RITA-tin, POLO RITA-tin, POLORITAT- TIN, POLORITY CI 77891), IRON OXIDE (CI 77491).

Disclaimer: The ingredient lists are available from the brand (or retailer) at the time of publication. Please always check the product packaging, if any, the valid ingredients list for the product you purchased or the brand or retailer website for the most up-to-date list of ingredients.

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