So be sure to get a Brompton folding bike for £ 1 with the brand new subscription

Brompton has partnered with GoCardless to update the payment system for their monthly subscription service called Brompton Bike Hire. Over the past year, Brompton has seen a huge surge in demand for its UK-designed folding bikes. These are supposed to make it easy to ride to a station, fold the bike, and ride the train a few stops before you’re done commuting on two wheels. As companies adapt to more flexible work patterns, including more time to work from home or remote locations, more people have bought Brompton bikes to get some fresh air on their new commute.

According to the UK government, cycling during the UK closures has increased by around 300 percent compared to the same period last year.

In response to the ever-increasing demand, Brompton launched a subscription service for its bike this summer. The average UK household is now spending £ 552 a year on subscription services as more people move from direct ownership to monthly payments for everything from TV shows to music to cloud photo backups, bikes, shaving kits, Nespresso machines and pods. Recipes and meal sets and even washing machines!

Brompton Bike Hire is designed to enable customers to get on a new bike while avoiding the costly upfront cost of buying a bike directly. GoCardless was entered because it allows Brompton to automate the entire payment capture process.

The new subscription service, which does not require a deposit, also includes insurance against theft and damage, free maintenance, and a free Brompton rental bike in case repairs are required to your rental property. Subscription holidays can also be taken for pregnancy, health problems, or due to a change in employment status. So if your workplace decides that you work from home, you can take the break on your bike subscription.

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When the program launches you can sign up for an annual subscription at £ 30 per month or an ongoing monthly contract at £ 42 per month. While the former costs less than £ 1 per day for a bike over £ 1,000, the latter is ideal if you only want to use the bike for commuting in the warmer months rather than year round. After subscribing, all you have to do is collect your Brompton from one of the Brompton hubs nationwide. Brompton motorcycles typically cost around £ 1,000 to buy direct and around £ 800 to buy used bikes in good condition.

The first phase of Brompton Bike Hire, which started at the end of the summer, is already full. However, Brompton offers customers the option to write their name down. So you’ll be at the top of the queue when the next early invitations are released in the coming weeks and months.

Julian Scrivens, MD of Brompton Bike Hire, said, “There has been a significant shift towards cycling more than ever. Our pay-as-you-ride programs have been extremely popular, and the addition of the GoCardless solution has proven incredibly popular with our customers. “

Brompton’s new subscription service is an extension of the existing bike rental arm that allows people to rent a Brompton Boris Bike-Style for £ 6.50 per day. If you pay an annual fee of £ 25 this daily rate drops to £ 3.50. The new addition is much, much cheaper – as long as you plan to use the Brompton regularly.

Brompton bikes with three gears will be available at launch. However, the company plans to roll out its models with electric motors to accelerate pedaling in the coming months after the program launches, Brompton said.

The monthly and yearly Brompton subscription options are also available as an option for businesses looking to help their employees get back to work safely as they undercut existing cycle-to-work programs which averaged £ 56 per month for a premium bike can cost £ 1,000).

Brompton Bike Hire already allows users to rent bikes daily from 50 or more pay-as-you-ride hubs nationwide. It was lauded during the lockdown for its Wheels for Heroes initiative, which allowed NHS staff to rent bikes for free during the coronavirus pandemic.

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