Snapchat Egg Hunt 2021: Is Snapchat Making Its Easter Egg Hunt Sport This Yr?

Snapchat users kept their fingers crossed for this year’s Easter egg hunt. For those who don’t know, this has become a tradition for Snapchat. They send users to search in real life with their smartphones to get rid of hidden digital eggs around the world.

Last year, Snapchat gave up on its usual business. Due to social distancing measures, Egg Search was reoriented in 2020 so that users from around the world could search for eggs on the Snap Map without stepping out the front door. This should avoid encouraging users to take unnecessary trips outside and mingle with others to tour the Snap Map and find the eggs.

With infections declining in some countries and vaccinations slowly increasing around the world, fans were hoping that traditional Snapchat egg hunting would return in 2021 – complete with trips outside. However, Snapchat has now confirmed that they are “taking a break” from Snapchat egg hunt this year.

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In response to a Snapchatter who asked if there would be an Easter egg hunt this weekend, the @ snapchatsupport account on Twitter wrote, “We’re taking a break from egg hunt this year. Please read this article at https: // support / games # GameDevelopers to find out more about some of the other egg-cell games available on Snapchat! “

When news spread that Snapchat’s egg hunt was canned in 2021, frustrated Snapchatters reached out on social media to express their disappointment. In response to the Snapchat support account, one tweeted, “Why are you taking a break? There’s no good reason to take a break this year.”

While another wrote, “Seriously, why, why I’ve been looking ahead all week!”

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One Snapchatter wrote, “I’m just asking for one reason you’re doing this … everyone loved it.” And another added: “Please do the egg hunt”.

Disappointed Snapchatters have also launched a petition urging the social media giant to do a U-turn and still conduct an egg hunt this year.

Whether fans of the selfie app will be able to twist Snapchat’s arm and start an egg hunt in 2021 remains to be seen. In the meantime, however, you can check out this guide from Snapchat which suggests some of the other “egg-cell” games Snapchatters can play this weekend.

Games mentioned by Snapchat include Super Snappy Bowling, Aquapark, Ready Chef Go, and many more.

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