Snapchat Egg Hunt 2021 is canceled: listed here are the perfect different video games for Easter

Snapchat disappointed fans after announcing the surprise news that their annual Easter egg hunt was not going to return in 2021. The Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt is a popular annual event where users of the Selfie app explore real-world locations to find eggs that have been hidden. Under normal circumstances, Snapchat users would use the Snap Map as well as the 3D World Lens in an Easter egg hunt.

Unfortunately, with the coronavirus pandemic, things are far from normal.

However, there was hope among Snapchatters that the Easter egg hunt would return in 2021, as a revised version was held in 2020.

In last year’s version of the Snapchat egg hunt, Snapchatters were able to conduct an egg hunt without leaving their front door.

However, Snapchat has now announced that it is “taking a break” from the Snapchat Easter egg hunt in 2021.

In response to a Snapchatter who asked if there would be an egg hunt this year, @snapchatsupport Twitter wrote: “Hi! We’re taking a break from egg hunt this year. Hatching chick Please read this article, https: // support. snapchat .com / a / games # GameDevelopers to find out more about some of the other single-cell games available on Snapchat! “

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The news has not been particularly well received by Snapchat users. You have started a petition calling for an egg hunt to be carried out this year. They have also sent messages to the Snapchat support Twitter account expressing their disappointment.

One tweeted: “WE WANT OUR EGG HUNT !!!!! @snapchatsupport @Snapchat #snapchat #EasterEggHunt”.

While another wrote, “If you actually canceled the egg hunt this year, we’re going to get upset! If I were you I would start, thank you!”


If you’re disappointed with the Snapchat egg hunt cancellation, the Selfie app has recommended some alternative “egg cell” games for you to try this Easter weekend.

Games that Snapchat highlighted in an online post include Bitmoji Tennis, Bitmoji Party, Super Snappy Bowling, Ready Chef Go, Tiny Royale, and more.

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Snapchat games can be started via chat. This screen is where you can invite friends and groups to play.

You can chat while you play by either tapping the chat bar at the bottom of the screen to bring up the keyboard or by enabling live audio chat.

Certain games available on Snapchat also have leaderboards. So, if you want to improve competitiveness or try to get the highest score in the world, you can.

Advising Snapchatters on the Different Games Offered Snapchat said, “Games are created by Snapchat and third-party game developers who are not part of the Snap Inc. family of companies. Read about each of these developers’ privacy policies to learn more about their data processing practices . “

Here is a full list of Snapchat recommended games …

• Bitmoji party, Bitmoji tennis (Snapchat)

• Zombie Rescue Squad and Ready Set Golf (PikPok)

• Snake group (Playco)

• Alphabear Hustle (Spry Fox)

• Tiny Royale and Bumped Out (Zynga)

• Airtime of the subway surfers (SYBO)

• Color Galaxy (Gismart)

• Done Chef Go! (MojiWorks)

• Storm Skater (CoolGames)

• Sling Racer (MADBOX)

• Sugar Slam (Mighty Kingdom)

• Super snappy bowling (NOWWA)

• Slider (Slipstream Labs)

• Aquapark (Voodoo)

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