Smartphones are altering the face of workplaces by eliminating the necessity for scanners and photocopiers

Articles were once the mainstay of any office, but will soon be as out of date as VHS and tapes, according to tech entrepreneur Michael Zhen.

In 2011, he founded CamScanner, an app that allows users to quickly scan documents and copy them to their phones.

Smartphones were key to increasing the app’s popularity, and Mr. Zhen firmly believes that they will continue to change the face of offices in the future.

He said, “The same way the technological landscape has allowed us to compress a former Xerox copier into the palm of your hand has also transformed the way forward
People work and especially where they work.

“Regardless of whether they are people who are waiting in their office for a fax, they now receive e-mails or texts on the go, and employees are no longer tied to one place where they can use our applications to send documents in an office or a print shop.

“This technological change has created freedom and enabled people to work more efficiently without the confines of an office and be more productive at the same time.”

Mr. Zhen said that even a decade ago when CamScanner was launched, even smartphones are “incomparable” to the devices available today.

He believes these advances will only continue and coronavirus has accelerated this trend.

He added: “During the outbreak of the pandemic, there has been an apparent increase in the demand for document scanning at home.

“In the UK alone, CamScanner downloads increased 133% in late March and April.

“Much like your phone now has a variety of functions, from receiving calls, text messages, taking photos, playing games and using it as a scanner, each new function is an add-on for consumers.

“I think you can see the same thing with scanners that are now embedded in every office printer.

“A stand-alone scanner is no longer needed, even though every office always has a printer for one reason or another. Using an app like CamScanner does more work digitally instead of scanning it on the printer / copier and then going back to your laptop and attach it to an email when all of this is now possible in the palm of your hand . “

But Mr. Zhen believes that things like printers will always have a place because most people prefer to physically hold something rather than see it on a screen.

He said, “Will a printer or copier ever be obsolete? This is hard to say because people are naturally more comfortable with holding something physical.

“However, our goal is to remove physical paperwork from people’s everyday lives and even eliminate simple things like filing cabinets that were quickly replaced by the ‘cloud’ and external hard drives that can hold thousands of paperwork stores in so little space . “

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