Sluggish broadband? Why Elon Musk’s SpaceX could possibly be the important thing to rushing up YOUR house

Ernest Doku, broadband expert at, said: “Technology is always improving and as big players like Starlink enter the UK market, connections will only be faster and more reliable.

“Satellite broadband offers hope to rural residents who are struggling to get decent access from traditional providers … Many households are still using ADSL connections and enduring unnecessarily slow speeds without realizing that they are in many Upgrading cases to fiber broadband and still saving money. “

Starlink already has bases in Buckinghamshire and Cornwall, but a planned new hub in the Isle of Man promises coverage across the UK.

How can you register? It is currently only available to customers who are taking part in a beta test. But it is said that once it becomes more widely available, Starlink will charge its customers £ 89 a month plus a £ 439 setup fee for the satellite dish. In return, you get around 150 megabits per second, which could soon increase to 200 megabits. The only catch compared to traditional broadband is that bad weather, especially heavy rain and wind, can lead to outages.

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