Sky’s new keyless field may substitute Sky Q, however you’ll be able to’t purchase one with out placing down your TV

Just like Sky Glass and Sky Q, you can use voice commands to find shows with specific actors or movies by a specific director. While watching Formula 1, you can actively switch between the cameras attached to the car to get the desired view of the race. And content will be available in crisp Ultra HD.

Unlike the Sky Q mini boxes, which connect to the main set-top box to access recordings, the Stream Pucks connect to Wi-Fi and stream any series, movie, or sporting event you want to record (Sky Glass doesn’t physically record to disk, you add items to a playlist that you can stream anytime, including fast-forwarding by viewing from the Sky’s servers) from there. That means, at least in theory, that these pucks could work in a house without a Sky Glass main unit – something that the Q minis can’t.

Conclusion: The Sky Stream Puck looks absolutely great.

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