Sky TV is totally altering the way in which you watch promoting on Sky Q and Virgin Media TV

Thanks to an update to its AdSmart technology, Sky is poised to revolutionize sponsorship across its channels. Dubbed Smart Sponsorships, the new technology allows Sky to tailor the sponsorship for a specific show, film or sporting event based on a specific location – down to your local zip code area – or other customer data from advertisers. This is the first time broadcasters can share creative messages depending on which household is watching.

From the looks of it, households across the country — regardless of age group, location, or other factors — all see the same clip from the sponsor when they return from a commercial break. But with Smart Sponsorships, commercial partners could change the message depending on who’s watching the show. For example, a car brand might change the model featured in a sponsorship clip based on the household’s life stage or wealth.

App-based food brands could change the featured restaurants in their sponsorship clips based on the chains available in your area – even a well-known local restaurant. For example, if the service is not available in a particular city, the message could be specifically tailored to gauge interest in a future launch.

“Using their own data, advertisers could also serve different ad creatives to current and expired customers,” Sky claims in announcing its new Smart Sponsorships. This means that broadband companies could broadcast different commercials depending on whether the advertisements are seen by customers who are already subscribed to their service or if they are recently switching to a competitor. This is the type of granular control granted to brands on social media sites like Facebook. However, these types of optimizations were not possible with terrestrial or satellite television.

However, broadcast television has so far been a rather one-size-fits-all approach.

Dev Sangani, Sky Media’s Advertising Capability and Strategy Director, said of the new developments: “AdSmart pioneered the use of TV addressability and the same technology will help to do the same for sponsorships. With rich data, exciting creative possibilities, and trusted and engaging content, this latest innovation in our exciting roadmap will help brands build even more effective partnerships with our shows and channels.”

Sky’s own data shows that across thousands of AdSmart campaigns, advertisers have seen a 48% reduction in fade-out time, a 35% increase in engagement and a 10% increase in spontaneous recall when using addressable technology. AdSmart was first launched in 2014 and uses the underlying technology now owned and operated by Synamedia

is available in all Sky and Virgin households on around 100 channels.

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