Sky releases largest broadband improve ever at a value BT and Virgin cannot match

Sky Broadband has unleashed the fastest speed ever – with downloads of 500Mbps. The full fiber plan costs £ 45 per month when you take out an 18 month contract. For comparison, BT charges £ 49.99 per month for 300Mbps, while Virgin Media customers can pay either £ 56 per month for 350Mbps or £ 62 per month for 500Mbps. That makes Sky Broadband conveniently the cheapest option for these speeds.

But that’s not the only advantage of choosing Sky over its biggest rivals.

Everyone who signs up for the Ultrafast Plus package from Sky receives a guaranteed download speed of 400 Mbit / s. Broadband speeds typically fluctuate throughout the day, with speeds being severely impacted on busy roads or settlements at peak times. Sky Broadband’s Speed ​​Guarantee means you can claim a monthly subscription back if your speed drops below the minimum guaranteed speed.

BT and Virgin Media both offer similar programs, but none of these competitors seem confident enough to hold the pace.

For example, BT’s Full Fiber 300 package only offers a speed guarantee of 150 Mbit / s. So to make claims from the telecommunications giant, you regularly need to get less than half the broadband speed that you are paying for. Yikes Virgin Media states that their M500 plan typically delivers between 460 and 551 Mbps, which is solid. However, the speed guarantee only comes into effect if you drop below 258 Mbit / s for three consecutive days.

If your speeds are not up to date after 30 days with BT, the company will hand over £ 20. It also offers customers the option to cancel their contract without paying an early termination fee. Virgin Media also has 30 days to correct the problem. After that, you can also go away and find a deal with a competitor before the contract expires.

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Sky’s equivalent guarantee is a little more generous. If your download speed drops below 400 Mbps for three consecutive days over a 30-day period, the satellite broadcaster will reimburse the previous month. You must be within your minimum term to be eligible, but you can make claims up to two times. If this happens within the first 30 days of activating your broadband, Sky will also reimburse you for the setup costs.

Sky’s latest broadband package is only possible thanks to full fiber connections, so you need to run next-generation fiber optic cables to your door to be eligible. If aging copper cables are still on your street, you are missing out.

However, Openreach, which manages the cable infrastructure used by Sky, has already connected five million households to full fiber cables. According to the latest estimates, it is well on the way to reaching 25 million locations across the UK by December 2026.

Sky’s 500Mbps Ultrafast Plus package is over 10x faster than the UK average fiber optic speed.

That means you should have more than enough bandwidth for video calls, software updates, music streaming, online video games, and more. Busy households are unlikely to see a slowdown – enough if everyone is playing their own Netflix show in ultra-crisp 4K Ultra HD quality in separate rooms.

As you would expect, there are also no usage restrictions. So don’t worry about downloading huge PlayStation 5 games, gigabit software updates for your iPhone, and more.

Aman Bhatti, Director of Propositions at Sky Broadband, said, “Today’s launch of Ultrafast Plus reflects our commitment to delivering the fastest, most reliable broadband speeds to our customers. That’s why Ultrafast Plus has the UK’s fastest speed guarantee so our customers can play, stream, download and work seamlessly from home. “

Ultrafast Plus is now available to new and existing Sky customers.

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