Sky Q: Use this little identified trick to discover a misplaced distant management each time

Without a doubt, Sky Q is one of our most popular set-top boxes. This not only unlocks access to exclusive channels such as Sky Atlantic, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports, but you can also wirelessly transfer your recordings to a tablet so that you can take them on a flight or train ride, stream them in Ultra HD quality and It has its own Prime Video, Disney + and Netflix apps so you don’t have to worry about switching between HDMI inputs to stream your favorite show.

Sky has equipped its Sky Q-Box with many exciting functions. In recent weeks, the satellite broadcaster has added the ability to use voice control to load a page with personalized recommendations, including shows and films from streaming services to which you are logged in via the Sky Q-Box.

However, you may not be aware of a useful feature that will help you find your remote control if it is (inevitably) lost on the back of the sofa, under the TV, or elsewhere. This is not a new feature. It’s been available in Sky Q since its launch, but it may have overtaken you.

The next time you misplace your Sky Q remote, press the Q logo on the front of your Sky Q box. After a few seconds your remote control will beep. This only takes 30 seconds before it ends automatically. If you can’t find the missing remote control during this time, you’ll have to press the Q logo on your main box again.

When you find your missing remote, press any button on the remote to silence the beeping.

It is crucial that this works with all Sky Q remote types that are paired with your Q-Box. Regardless of whether you have a first-generation touchpad remote control, the variant with buttons on the directional pad or the recently redesigned Sky Q Voice Control remote control, a beep will sound if you are lost.

It’s worth noting that if you’re paying for Sky Multi-Room and there are Q mini-boxes dotted around your house, those smaller set-top boxes (which allow you to get recordings from the main box that are shared by your favorite on- Demand Box) and catch-up apps, as well as renting and downloading films without drilling holes or laying cables in your house, do not support the “Find my remote control” function. So if you’ve misplaced the remote control for the Q Mini-Box in your guest room, office or bedroom, you have to look for it the old-fashioned way.

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