Sky Q, Roku, and NOW TV viewers will get 30 model new reveals TODAY to observe without spending a dime

Do you have something to see today? Don’t worry, there is very good news for Sky Q, NOW (nee NOW TV), and Roku set top box owners as a ton of brand new content has landed for free today. There will be a total of 30 new shows – and almost all of them have never been seen on British television before. That truckload of new TVs is thanks to the Roku Channel, which will be broadcasting 30 new original shows starting May 20 to celebrate World Streaming Day.

According to Roku, the line-up features a range of star-studded content, including Emmy-award-winning shows and entertaining script series. Die Hart with Kevin Hart, Chrissy’s Court with Chrissy Teigan and Cup of Joe with Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. These Roku Originals will be included in the extensive range of more than 25,000 free films and shows already available on the platform.

The Roku channel, which is available as standard on all Roku set-top boxes and Roku-powered smart TVs, is also located in the My Apps menu of the Sky Q-Box. NOW also uses Roku hardware for its NOW branded streaming boxes and sticks, so you can find a shortcut to start The Roku Channel there too!

While the Roku channel has been running for some time, today for the first time new, never-before-seen shows will be airing on the channel, backed by advertising so it can tune in for free.

Commenting on the launch of the 30 new shows, Sweta Patel, vice president of Engagement Growth Marketing, said, “The launch of Roku Originals will bring incredible premium entertainment with breadth, depth and variety to the millions of streamers who regularly visit The Roku Channel and loads of new viewers who may not even have a Roku device – and it’s all available for free. We’ve created a fantastic user experience to deliver exclusive, original content that can be accessed anywhere. The Roku channel is streamed. “

Finally, Sky customers can be warned if they are paying too much for television

Some of the new shows were acquired by Roku after the US-only streaming service Quibi collapsed. For those who didn’t know, Quibi was a short-lived streaming service started by former Walt Disney Studios chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg. It was aimed at younger audiences than Prime Video and Netflix, who have invested in original feature films and lavishly produced documentaries and drama series. Quibi is designed to offer short 10-minute episodes. The name itself is derived from this idea of ​​”quick bites” of content. But unlike YouTube videos from independent developers, Quibi has hired some serious stars and award-winning writers.

The smartphone app that was supposed to be used to view the shows in portrait mode – not landscape mode like almost any other streaming service on the market – closed in December 2020 after the initial $ 1.75 billion from investors dried up . With around 3.5 million subscribers, the service was not rated as a success.

However, the content was generally well received – and even picked up some Emmys. And so, despite the shortcomings in the original app (Quibi tried to add the ability to cast on a Chromecast, with dedicated Apple TV, Fire TV, and Google TV apps coming in late 2020 to seduce subscribers who want the may have been discontinued The pure portrait experience on their smartphone means that more people can now tune in.

Roku announced earlier this year that it now has around 50 million viewers worldwide. It offers a range of set-top boxes, soundbars, and HDMI dongles to access its software and library of streaming apps. That’s quite a large audience who are now able to stream the best of Quibi’s edition for free.

Here is a full list of the first shows to hit the Roku Channel …

FreeRayshawn • About the Face • Bad Ideas With Adam Devine • Barkitechture • Big Wheel Wolf • Blackballed • Centerpiece • Chrissy’s Court • Cup Joe • The Hart • Dishmantled • Dummy • Fight Like a Girl • Flipped • The Fugitive • Gayme Show • Iron Sharpens Iron • Final Looks • Let’s Roll With Tony Greenhand • Dangerous Game • Murder House Flip • Murder Without Box • Nightgowns • Prodigy • Punk’d • Reno 911! • Royalty • Form of pasta • Thank you • You don’t have this

With the introduction of these Roku originals, more content comes for Sky users. The satellite TV company just launched the fat burning Peloton app on their Sky Q box, and you don’t need fancy gear to get a little fitter. The peloton service offers live classes that you can take right from your living room. Sessions like yoga, running, cardio, bootcamp, stretching, and more.

Of course, being part of Sky Q, Peloton subscribers can access the latest on-demand and live courses through their television. If you’d like to try it out, the Peloton service is available from the Sky Q My Apps menu. The quickest way to navigate to the app is to simply say “Peloton” into your Sky Q voice remote to open the app. You can also say “Fitness” or “Let’s get Physical” to discover an entire fitness landing page.

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