Sky Q provides one other fashionable app, however the timing could not be worse

Sky Q has had a few busy months. The Sky team has added support for a staggering number of new apps, including the Tastemade cooking tool, the XITE music video streaming service, the BBC Sounds podcast hub, and more. The latest addition is the Peloton fitness service at home … but the timing leaves a lot to be desired.

Peloton is perhaps best known for its spin bikes, which allow you to take live classes from your living room. However, the subscription service also offers a number of other on-demand and live fitness classes. Like rivals Fiit and Apple Fitness +, you can choose from a range of disciplines including yoga, running, cardio, boot camp, stretching, and more. Peloton works with Apple Watch to track the number of calories burned, heart rate, recovery time, and total distance. There are also audio-only classes that you can stream while running outdoors to make sure you are doing the exertion yourself and varying your pace.

With Sky Q, Peloton subscribers can get the latest on-demand and live courses on the big screen.

While Peloton is available on a number of streaming set-top boxes including Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and Chromecast, Sky Q is the only UK TV platform to offer support. Unless you have another device on this list, Virgin Media TV, EE TV and BT TV customers cannot watch their favorite fitness trainer on TV in their living room.

Peloton is available from the Sky Q My Apps menu. The quickest way to navigate to the app is to simply say “Peloton” into your Sky Q voice remote to open the app. You can also say “Fitness” or “Let’s get Physical” to discover an entire fitness landing page of content from YouTube, Spotify, and more in one place on Sky Q.

ANY of these simple mistakes could reveal your passwords

Fraser Stirling, Sky Group Chief Product Officer, said, “The addition of Peloton to Sky Q is incredibly exciting for our customers as it is easier to train from home. Peloton joins Fiit, Netflix, Disney +, YouTube and many more favorites, and continues to make Sky Q the home of all the entertainment you love in one place. “

Sky Q customers who are new to Peloton can test the Peloton app free of charge via Sky Q for 30 days. After the 30-day trial, Peloton’s Digital Only membership is £ 12.99 per month. Existing Peloton All-Access and Digital members can simply log into Sky Q with their Peloton account.

Kevin Cornils, Managing Director International at Peloton, added: “We’re excited to introduce the Peloton app on Sky Q. The Peloton app was introduced in 2018 and over time we have continuously introduced new functions and ways to access our content. Our recent start at Sky Q makes our content even more accessible. Both new and existing peloton members can view our best studio-style workouts on the largest screen in the house, giving them a better experience of our ground-based disciplines. “

But why is the timing so awkward?

Well, in the hours following the announcement that Peloton would be coming to Sky Q viewers across the UK, security researcher Jan Masters announced that Peloton is revealing personal information about its subscribers, including age, gender, city, weight, exercise stats and whether this was your birthday. These details can be hidden on Peloton profile pages, but the API will still provide this information. Masters, who works with Pen Test Partners, reported the API leak to Peloton on January 20th. He gave them 90 days to fix the problems. This is the standard window in which security researchers allow companies to troubleshoot bugs privately beforehand. The details are published.

That deadline came and went. As a result, Jan Masters has now shared the problematic issues with the Peloton API and explained how it can make details available online for everyone.

In the past few days, Peloton has been fixing the leak in its API that developers use to support the fitness class platform. A company spokesperson told TechCrunch, “Keeping our platform secure is a priority for Peloton and we are always looking to improve our approach and process to working with the outside security community. Through our coordinated vulnerability disclosure program, a security researcher informed us that he could access our API and view information available in a Peloton profile.

“We took action and addressed the issues based on his initial contributions, but we were slow to keep the researcher informed of our remediation efforts. In the future, we’ll do better to work with the security research community and respond more quickly when vulnerabilities are reported. “

It is unknown whether anyone maliciously used these vulnerabilities to remove data from Peloton accounts. With a slew of high-profile celebrities and politicians, including U.S. President Joe Biden, music superstars Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys, and former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, Peloton is keen to ensure that personal information is no longer accurately recorded by users .

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