Sky Q improves voice search (so if you have not claimed a free distant, you are lacking out)

Sky Q recommends shows from its own on-demand offering, as well as films on terrestrial channels and in its Sky Cinema collections, mixed with box sets available from all streaming providers that you watch through the Sky set-top box , including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, and BBC iPlayer.

These can be viewed immediately, added to your Series Link records, or downloaded for later viewing.

Sky has added some helpful headings to its recommendations to avoid confusion about why a particular TV show or movie is recommended. These include personalized recommendations for “Because You’ve Seen” and “New Shows For You” as well as “This Week’s Top 10 on Sky,” “Popular on Netflix,” and “Popular on Prime Video,” which include some of the most common talked about new shows that you may not have had a chance to look at.

“More Favorites”, “Trending on Sky Cinema / Sky Sports” and “Continue Watching” are the last categories. So if you don’t like anything else, you can just pick up where you left off with an existing show or box set.

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