Sky Q customers get one other new trick to attempt on their TV distant

Sky is back with yet another update of its popular Q service and it’s great news for fans who love nothing more than to watch endless episodes of The Simpsons. Content from the legendary show can now be found instantly via some fun new phrases that users can bark into their Sky Q remote.

For example, you can now tap the voice command button and say why you are little! or “eat my shorts!” to get instant access to Sky’s Simpsons landing page.

Here you’ll find 32 seasons of the show with episodes available on Sky One, Channel 4 and, if you have a subscription, Disney +. This is also where you can find the Simpsons movie.

Here are all the sentences for you to try starting today.

“Mmm donuts …” Homer

“Why you little” Homer

“Stupid Flanders!” Homer

“Salad doesn’t make friends” Homer

“Eat my shorts!” beard

“Worst voice command ever” comic guy

“Smithers, who is that fool?” Mr. Burns

“If someone wants me, I’ll be in my room.” Lisa

“Hello Diddly-Ho, neighbor!” Flanders

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You will then see things that Sky thinks you would like to see, and a recent update now means that Disney + content is also included. Give it a try and see what Sky recommends!

Commenting on the new role, Fraser Stirling, Sky Group Chief Product Officer, said, “There is so much great entertainment that it can be difficult to know where to start. Our newest voice command “What should I see?” Makes searching easier so you can spend more time looking! Just say the phrase into your Sky Q voice remote to see the latest TV trends and recommendations tailored to you in one place. “

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