Sky is teasing a “magical” improve on your TV and it is coming subsequent month

Sky TV users could see some “magical” changes next month as the satellite company announces a big launch event in October. A mysterious invitation has just been sent to the media saying, “Something magical is coming. Be one of the first to see it.” That cryptic clue is all we know right now, but if the latest rumors are true, Sky could use this event to release an upgrade that many have been waiting for.

For now, the only way to get Sky’s award-winning Q-Service is through a bowl on the wall. This is not ideal as some people may or may not want to screw this hardware onto the outside of their homes.

Since 2017, the company has been promising an update that will allow customers to access this popular platform via their broadband, which offers razor-sharp 4K content and the ability to record multiple channels at the same time.

During the initial announcement, then-CEO Jeremy Darroch said that streaming the entire Sky Q experience over a fiber broadband connection would enable more than six million additional households across Europe, including two million in the UK.

Although it took a long time to get started, Sky customers in Germany can now get Sky Q over an internet connection and the UK could be next. recently announced that this update, known as the Sky Q IP Box, is being tested in some UK households.

All channels are broadcast directly to the television via an Internet connection, and the box can broadcast in full HD quality – our source has also revealed that Ultra HD may also be available soon.

There is also the option of recording up to 1,000 hours of television and all the usual options including access to Sky Cinema, sports and entertainment.

We also expect this updated box to feature non-Sky content, including Netflix, YouTube, and Disney +

Another nice feature of the Sky Q IP Box is that it is much smaller than the standard device, which means it fits neatly under the TV.

In terms of pricing, don’t expect a dramatic difference between the satellite-less Sky Q and its uneven counterpart. We have been told that the contract terms will be the same, with viewers likely to pay £ 26 a month to access the full range of Sky TV channels.

We’ll have to wait and see what exactly Sky has in store, but if you want to know how it mows, set a reminder for October 7th as it will be all revealed.

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