Sky is providing clients a FREE information SIM card

Sky Mobile customers have the option of receiving a free SIM card. This card is perfect for anyone with friends and family who are currently unable to access the internet. With the new incentive, which will be available this week, customers can fill the additional SIM card with replacement data at the end of each month.

This means that this precious and expensive internet access is not wasted and can instead be used by someone else. With most of us currently stuck at home due to the current lockdown, it obviously has an impact on the amount of mobile data being used.

In fact, Sky Mobile assumes that by the end of the month we will all have around 69 GB on average.

Unlike many networks where this data cannot be transmitted, Sky already has a Piggybank system, so customers can keep unused Internet access for up to three years.

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To add a free Sky Mobile SIM card and share replacement data with others, customers can simply follow the steps below to get started:

1. Visit to add a free SIM card to your shopping cart

2. On arrival, follow the instructions on the SIM pack to activate it

3. Once activated, you can give it or send it to anyone you want to ensure it is in compliance with current government guidelines

4. Share your replacement data from your Sky Piggybank with the new SIM card in the My Sky app

In addition to offering this free SIM card, Sky Mobile recently launched a huge iPhone sale offering customers up to £ 360 off the latest iPhone 12.

Offers include the iPhone 12 for £ 43 per month – including 50GB of data – or the iPhone 12 Pro with 50GB of data for £ 84 per month.

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