Sky is giving out vital recommendation for broadband customers this month … it is a good suggestion to not ignore it


It’s December, and that means it’s time to dust off the Christmas decorations, hang up the mistletoe and make your home festive. Before you start plastering tinsel anywhere, however, you should be aware of the problems these annual additions can pose to your broadband.

According to Sky’s engineers, Christmas decorations can cause a serious drop in the signal quality of your WiFi router. So be careful where you place your balls and hang your tinsel. Although this research was conducted by the teams at Sky Broadband, the company says these issues are not specific to its hardware, but could apply to anyone, including BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, and other popular internet providers.

When it comes to ruining the WiFi signal, the Christmas tree is the biggest culprit this time of year. Real or artificial, these towering trees can easily prevent the router from broadcasting its vital signal if they are too close together. Any interruption can weaken the signal, which means people upstairs or in the back of the kitchen could have trouble getting more than a single WiFi bar.

According to Sky, customers should always try to keep their routers as far away as possible from anything that could interfere with the signal. So if you want to put your tree in front of the blinking black Wi-Fi box in the corner of the room, the advice is STOP! Either change the location of your tree or move the router yourself. Remember that a router is as high as possible to boost the signal. Hence, picking it up off the floor and placing it on a bookcase may be enough to boost your WiFi.

Tinsel may look pretty, but this glitzy accessory is also broadband’s worst enemy. That’s because it’s made of shredded film that can reflect your WiFi signal and bring your Netflix binge to a standstill.

Again, make sure your router or any boosters are far enough away from the tinsel on your walls to avoid interference. Another top tip is to use separate sockets for lights and internet.

If you’ve hooked up lots of Christmas lights or decorated your front yard like a Christmas grotto, relocate your router to a different power outlet or extension cord to avoid interference.

If you finally managed to get your kids a PS5 this year, it might be a good idea to carefully open the box, start things early, and download any updates or games before the big day.

Some titles can be over 50GB, which means your kids will wait all day to play them on Christmas Day if they aren’t preinstalled.

As a good example of the time it can take to stream a game to these machines, wait around 1 hour and 45 minutes if you have a standard 70Mbps connection.

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