Sky Glass clients face irritating points as the primary 4K TVs ship throughout the UK


Sky is slowly rolling out its highly anticipated Sky Glass 4K TVs to select customers, starting with those who have been with the satellite television company for eight years or more. Anyone can register their interest now, with Sky promising that its bespoke QLED TV will be available to more customers in the coming weeks. However, with the arrival of the first Sky Glass sets across the UK, we are hearing of customer reactions. And it’s a bit mixed up.

While some are incredibly impressed with Sky Glass, which offers the same experience as Sky Q – including crisp 4K Ultra HD picture quality broadcasts, HDR support, integration with Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + and (very soon) Apple TV +, the Ability to pause and rewind live TV, voice control and more – all without a satellite dish.

Instead, Sky Glass relies on a Wi-Fi connection to broadcast live terrestrial channels, on-demand box sets, and more. It uses a QLED display for enhanced colors and deeper blacks, and integrates a Dolby Atmos-approved sound system in the chin of the design.

It even has sensors that detect when you step into the room, so it turns on the screen and shows the latest suggestions based on your viewing history, taking it from its own channels and box sets, as well as from those available through coupled streaming services like Netflix.

Sky Glass also builds on Sky Q by offering hands-free voice control and reinventing Series Link’s popular recording feature as a playlist for episodes recorded from live channels. In short, there are a lot of changes in Sky Glass.

And it seems some of these cutting edge new features aren’t working as expected for everyone. Sky’s community forums, designed for subscribers to share their experiences and notify other users and experts to resolve issues, contain a number of growing threads related to Sky Glass issues.

A number of early adopters have complained about delays in making recorded shows available for streaming. As mentioned above, Sky Glass does not record the show on a hard drive in the device … but rather, like BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub, it streams a copy of the show over the internet. It’s unclear why shows that viewers have added to their playlist aren’t immediately streamed from Sky Glass once the episode ends. Others have reported that shows that were added to their playlist were not recorded and never appear on TV.

Other Sky Glass viewers have complained that shows, movies, and sporting events don’t disappear from the playlist even after being deleted.

Channel 4 and Channel 5 do not appear in the TV guide, some customers have noticed on the Sky community forums. While others have made complaints about the Stream Puck, which allows multi-room viewing with Sky Glass. These little Apple TV-like set-top boxes plug into other TVs in your home and stream live TV channels, everything stored in your playlist, as well as on-demand and Sky Store content over broadband. In contrast to the Q mini set-top boxes, which offer similar functions for Sky Q viewers, the Stream Puck does not communicate directly with Sky Glass, but gets everything from the cloud.

Corresponding After some complaints, Sky Stream Pucks can be a little unreliable after the set-top boxes go into standby mode. Even after disabling the power saving feature overnight, some Sky Glass customers claim that the only way to raise the Stream Puck from the dead is to unplug it, wait, and plug it back in. Some customers claim they do this every time.

Sky is believed to be investigating the issues highlighted by customers. Although Sky Glass has undergone internal testing, these tests are much smaller than a full product launch due to the confidentiality and capacity. In fact, we saw the same thing with the arrival of Sky Q.

Software updates could fix some of the issues, but it’s definitely something to watch out for. With prices starting at £ 13 a month rising to over £ 100 a month for the 65-inch QLED TV with Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, some Sky Stream Pucks, and other extras, customers should rightly get a smooth experience from these new ones expect kit.

Speaking to about some of the complaints surrounding Sky Glass, a company spokesperson said, “We have seen a lot of demand for Sky Glass since it was launched and we have had fantastic feedback from many customers. Some customers have reported flickering , and we have a software update planned for this week to fix this. As always, we’ll be following up with regular releases to add features and fix other issues.

“For all customers who need help with their Sky Glass, we recommend calling our customer hotline so that our team of experts can find the best solution as quickly as possible.”

We have shared our initial thoughts on Sky Glass based on a brief period of time with the specially designed QLED TV during the launch event, but will share a full and in-depth review of the all-in-one 4K TV in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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