Sky, BT and Virgin Media customers now get MORE compensation for horrible broadband speeds

There is some very good news if your broadband is not quite up to date. Many of the UK’s largest ISPs agreed back in 2019 to pay compensation if something goes wrong, giving customers up to £ 8 a day for unrepaired failures, or £ 25 if an engineer doesn’t show up or cancel the appointment with a period of less than 24 hours.

These new rules were enforced by Ofcom, and now the Telecommunications Regulator wants these payments for customers to increase in line with inflation.

Ofcom continued: “Starting in 2021, payments will increase from April 1 of each year based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to October 31 of the previous year. The payment increase applies to any new service issue that occurs after April 1st. “

As the team at ISPreview points out, the increases with a refund from £ 8 to £ 8.06 aren’t much, but it does mean customers get a little more for staying offline and it’s better in their pockets than their suppliers .

Most ISPs have agreed to pay out the compensation, although companies like Vodafone, Plusnet and EE have not yet signed on the dotted line.

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Listed here are all of the ISPs that are part of the Ofcom program.

• BT (member since April 1, 2019)

• Hyperoptic (member since October 28, 2019)

• Sky (including NOW Broadband) (member since April 1, 2019)

• TalkTalk (member since April 1, 2019)

• Utility Warehouse (since February 17, 2020)

• Virgin Media (member since April 1, 2019)

• Zen Internet (member since April 1, 2019)

Ofcom said customers should benefit from payments of £ 142million – roughly nine times the amount they received prior to launch.

Ofcom chief executive Sharon White said of automatic compensation, “We find it unacceptable for people to wait for a new line or a bug to be fixed.

“These new protections mean that telephone and broadband companies want to avoid problems that arise in the first place. However, when they come up short, customers need to be treated fairly and money returned without asking.

“We welcome the company’s commitment to this program, which is a powerful incentive to improve customer service.”

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