Sky Broadband DOWN: Tons of can’t connect with the Web as a result of the outage “lasts for 12 hours”

Is broadband not working in your home this morning? You’re not alone. Hundreds of angry Sky Broadband customers flooded social media for the second time in 24 hours complaining of problems with their internet connection. The latest issues preventing customers from getting online, sending or receiving WhatsApp messages, and streaming music and videos this morning seem to be related to a huge outage, hundreds last night from 7pm (September) Affected by customers in the South and South East of England 1).

Sky confirmed that a problem with its service last night resulted in some being unable to go online or make / receive phone calls on their landlines. It had promised “work overnight to fix the problem, “however, it is unclear whether the connectivity issues reported this morning are a continuation of last night’s outage … or a new problem. With the former, broadband customers were left without a connection for well over 14 hours.

The independent website DownDetector, which tracks customer reports on social media to monitor web service performance, reported a huge surge in complaints from Sky Broadband customers last night. At peak times, around 2,329 customers expressed concerns that their broadband connection might not be working every minute.

Social media reports are also growing this morning, with more than 687 people complaining about poor broadband connections at the time of writing. These reports also show an upward trend. This makes sense as more and more people are waking up and trying to log into their work email, check out social media, stream their favorite Netflix box set in bed – the issues are likely to be discovered by more customers across the UK.

Using geolocation data from the social media posts, DownDetector can place the complaints on a map. According to these data, London, Cardiff, Oxford and Brighton are the most likely to be affected. The vast majority (98 percent) of those affected report problems with their Sky Internet connection.

According to Down Detector statistics, the areas where Sky broadband issues are reported are London, Fulham and Manchester.

Sky posted an update on its server status page on the issues that resulted in hundreds in the South and Southeast not being able to use their broadband connections. This web page is designed to notify customers of any known issues and the estimated time it would take to fix them. In its last update, released on September 1st at 6:30 pm, Sky said: “Broadband and call problems in South East England and Wales – you may not be able to go online or make / receive phone calls due to an issue near you. Our technical teams will continue to work on fixing the problem overnight and we will update you on the progress in the morning. We apologize for the ongoing inconvenience. “

There are no other known issues with Sky services, including satellite TV and cellular signal.

Across social media, floods of frustrated customers are complaining about the problems. One user shared on Twitter, “Good morning! Do you have any idea when the internet will actually work? “

# sky broadband since last night at 6 p.m. downstairs. Looks like I’m working out of a coffee shop today – a really good look for important customer calls … “added another.

One customer said: “I woke up to find that my Sky internet was still down. That was all last night and this morning. What a pain! Hurry up and fix it! “

Sky uses the @SkyHelpTeam account on Twitter to respond to complaints and issues from customers struggling with broadband issues. However, in the last update shared by the team last night, they wrote: “Good night everyone and sweet dreams. We’ll be back at 8:30 AM tomorrow to help. “

Sky offers a number of troubleshooting tips for broadband customers struggling to get online. Anyone unable to connect to the internet this morning is most likely suffering from the recent outage in the South and Southeast. However, to be on the safe side, it is worth taking a look at some of the most common issues that can also lead to WiFi interference in your home this morning. Sky has all the troubleshooting tips here.

This isn’t the first time Sky broadband customers have been stranded at home with no internet or WiFi and the service has run into trouble this summer several times in the past month. has contacted Sky for comment on this story.

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