Sky Broadband clients get FREE further to extend their WiFi pace

Sky is giving away its optional Wi-Fi guarantee to anyone who signs up for its Superfast and Ultrafast broadband packages. The Wi-Fi Guarantee is available free of charge to all new customers for three months, with those who wish to continue using the service after the promotional period will be charged £ 5 per month thereafter.

For those who don’t know what Sky’s Wi-Fi guarantee includes, here’s a quick reminder.

Much like the Speed ​​Guarantee, which promises a minimum broadband speed in your home, the Wi-Fi Guarantee ensures that you get at least 3 Mbps in every room over a wireless connection. If you don’t reach this minimum speed, Sky will help troubleshoot any issues that might be disrupting your signal. If that doesn’t work, Sky can send out a booster to improve the strength of the WiFi signal, which degrades as the distance from the router increases.

If none of these methods work, Sky will offer a refund. To be eligible, you must be using a Sky branded network kit, not a third-party alternative.

As you’d expect from Sky’s latest packages, you also get the latest Sky Broadband Hub router, a Voice Over IP (VoIP) home phone service that uses the broadband connection to make calls, and strict parental controls to limit screen time and unlimited downloads.

In contrast to the WLAN guarantee, which is usually available as an option, the broadband bundle comes with Sky’s speed guarantee, which allows customers to claim their money back if their connection falls below the guaranteed download rate. Your speed must decrease for at least three consecutive days. Claims can only be made after the first 14 days after activation.

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