Simply purchased a model new Samsung TV? You will not like this information one bit


Anyone who bought a new TV on Black Friday and Boxing Day sales may now want to look the other way. Because the technology fair CES starts in Las Vegas and new televisions are high on the agenda.

Sony and LG will unveil their new Googleboxes tomorrow January 4th, but Samsung has just given fans a glimpse of what’s to come and it certainly looks like another blockbuster upgrade from the Korean firm.

The latest TVs announced by Samsung have displays that offer better colors and noticeable brightness.

Consumers will soon be pampered with a new line of standard Neo QLED TVs, updated lifestyle screens, or the ultimate in micro LED screens, available in a whopping 110 “, 101” and 89 “sizes.

Samsung promises the best viewing experience ever thanks to technologies like Shape Adaptive Light. This one is able to closely monitor what is on the screen and change things like brightness to provide the perfect picture.

Samsung is also bringing an Eye Comfort mode to all of its new TVs that changes settings based on the lighting in the room.

As the ambient light changes, the screen gradually reduces the amount of light and offers warmer tones, adjusting blue light levels accordingly. This allows for a more comfortable viewing experience at night by reducing the blue light that can affect the quality of sleep.

And it’s not just about the picture, because the sound functions of the Neo QLED have also received a major upgrade.

Building on Samsung’s OTS (Object Tracking Sound), which guides the sound around the room along with the object on the screen, the 2022 products will feature OTS Pro, which includes powerful upward-pointing speakers to provide overhead surround sound to create.

In addition to actual hardware upgrades, Samsung is also making changes to software aimed at bringing more entertainment to the big screen and improving the way customers find it.

Samsung promises that its new Smart Hub will guide users to their favorite content or help them discover something new while spending less time searching.

There’s also a new gaming section that gives access to services like Google’s Stadia platform and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now.

Another new function is the so-called Watch Together. Somewhat similar to Apple’s SharePlay option, this new app allows users to video chat with friends and family while they watch their favorite shows and movies.

Samsung’s new line of TVs will hit the market in the coming months.

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