Selena Gomez wore cozy Ugg objects from head to toe, and so are you able to

You may be tired of hearing about loungewear, but I have a hunch you aren’t tired of wearing them. Selena Gomez really knows how to get someone into buying new loungewear. She really hits on all of the comfortable-cool aesthetic that we all want to achieve these days, and one of her newest outfits is perhaps the best example of that yet.

Gomez is currently spending her days in New York shooting the new Hulu series Only Murders in the Building. As she walked back and forth to the set, she wrapped herself in cozy loungewear that puts all other loungewear to shame. The outfit I’m talking to is an Ugg hoodie and sweatpants made of fluffy sweater material (yes, they make clothes now). Of course, she combined the outfit with Ugg boots. In addition, she is wearing an Ugg blanket, which would make sense if that were actually the case.

When Gomez’s head-to-toe Ugg look (I wasn’t kidding) is in the mood for some new loungewear, shop for her exact items below, as well as a few other cozy things that

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