Selena Gomez wears three attire in her music video “999”, however the pink reigns supreme

It pretty much happens every time Selena Gomez releases a new music video: we look at the visuals, “ooo” and “ahh” on their beauty, try to decipher any mysterious text, and immediately scrape every corner of the internet for the outfits she wears. This very series of events unfolded when Selena released her music video “999” with Colombian artist Camilo on Thursday night. Although Selena wears three eye-catching dresses in the video, we couldn’t help but focus on the pink number she debuts about halfway through, and luckily our fashion exploration adventures have been fruitful.

A quick Google search revealed that Selena’s hibiscus-colored dress was from the celebrity-loved fashion brand Cult Gaia, one of our personal favorites. It features an open back, a tight-fitting bodice, a halter neckline with subtly sexy ring details and a flowing skirt that is perfect for frolicking through an open field. It fits Selena like a glove and goes surprisingly well with her bright yellow wig. And now for the hard part: the price. If you want to mimic Selena’s style on your next flower-picking excursion, you’ll have to spend just under $ 600 on her exact dress. While we wait for it to magically go on sale, check out photos of Selena rocking the dress in her “999” music video and read on for the Cult Gaia design as a bookmark for the future save.

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