Seize these sweater clothes on sale to maintain spring heat

A $ 100 cashmere sweater dress? Yes, please! My favorite turtleneck dress is on the big sale. It’s pure cashmere and only costs $ 100! The brand also offers the round neck cashmere sweater dress. I know it’s February and most of us think about spring clothes (or at least buy spring clothes to wish for warmer weather), but sweater dresses are classics that never go out of style. It’s a great time to take advantage of the sweater dresses on sale now! That way, you can wear them for the last few weeks (or months, depending on where you live) of winter. And use them to stay chic and warm for years.

Shop sweater dresses for sale

I love to wear my sweater dresses with a matching jardigan, which I like to call a cardigan-jacket hybrid. This chunky long cardigan is from a different brand and unfortunately sold out. But I wanted to post it to show that you don’t have to be a perfect match with the same brand. You can wear a new black cashmere sweater dress with a long black cardigan that you already have in your closet … or a duo of whatever color you design. To really lengthen your figure, match your boots to the set you created.

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